domingo, 12 de abril de 2009


Monologue of Maria Von Herzig.

Maria.- Nothing of what might happen to me will ever be an absolute surprise. Oh cruel misfortune ! I Knew everything from the beginning. Ever since I went on that long and tortuous journey that that terrible premonition accompanied me every instant no matter how hard I tried to ignore it with an obstinate and at the same time futile interest in the landscape offered to me at my passing. The most terrible premonitions oppressed my temples. Thought rebelled under the pressure of tormented omens. Invisible voices that I could not ignore predicted my total destruction. The impossible return to a world that I Knew lost for ever.
Just to arrive and see how this cold and hostile habitat was on my watch through the thick mist that covered everything up I knew, with every certainty, that I would never leave those walls alive. The house had such a dismal look that it confirmed all my suspicions. I saw myself pushed to an empty and desperate existance. I could also guess that my forced retirement meant the cold grave of the most absolute oblivion.
Can I rebel against misfortune ? Now I only have the confort of my fatal blur, and for ever, with my beloved, with my desired, longed for Lotte: The last chance to stay in this fictitious world that is cinema. Berlin overwhelmed together with my painful illness confine me and exalt me towards this sublime alienation that the invisible pupils of the spectators that watch from the dakness of the rooms will yet never see.

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